"Serving Cultural Culinary Experiences One Bite At A Time"


Macronutrient Meal Plan™

 1. Weight Guidance Plan

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 7 Days

2. Lean Muscle Bulk-up Plan 

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 7 Days

3.Convenience Plans

3x5 (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, 5 Days)

2x7 (Lunch & Dinner, 7 Days)

2x5 (Lunch & Dinner, 5 Days)

No Sugar or Flour!


The ingredients that are used by Chef Jarvis are always Fresh, Hormone, Antibiotic, Steroid & GMO Free. He takes a great deal of pride and care in selecting the highest quality ingredients available. All ingredients are sourced from Local Farmers Markets & Local Growers. 


Meet The Executive Chef

Chef Jarvis, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, has more than 10 years of experience in food preparation, catering and event planning. He knows the fundamentals of the culinary profession and has developed a unique take on food by blending traditional cuisines with Southern influences to create

Cultural Culinary Experiences One Bite At A Time.”


Chef Jarvis prides himself in his ability to deliver extraordinary food to each of his clients. He embarked upon his culinary career as a never ending journey of cultural enlightenment which adds to the authenticity of each flavor he creates. A true foodie and born food enthusiast, he is described by those who know him as the “culturally conscious food guru.”




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